December 7, 1947 by Ida Peerdeman

The Cross

I see the Lady, and I hear,
“Rome threatened!”

After that a big ‘4’ appears before me and around it a circle. Then that image vanishes and a Cross appears before me with four equal beams. A circle appears around that, too, and in the center of the Cross I read ‘I H S’. It is as if I would take this Cross up and I show it around me. Now I suddenly see crowds of people standing around us. They are looking at it, but many with aversion.

Waves over Europe

Then I see heavy, thick clouds appearing over Europe and under them huge waves engulfing Europe. Then I see the Lady standing in a glaring, bright light. She is dressed in white. She keeps her arms extended, and from her hands emanates a thick beam of rays. I have to hold up my hand and that beam of rays seems to come into my hand. I feel it aglow and tingling. The Lady smiles at me and points at that hand, while she nods in approval. I do not know what this means. Then the Lady’s face becomes drawn and she looks very sad. She points at those heavy clouds and waves, and she says,
“They will first have to perish by that flood, and only then …”
and then I see those words written down. After ‘only then’, I see many dots, as if something is to follow which must remain hidden.

Then the Lady’s face brightens, and I see the water evaporate as steam. For a moment the sun seems to break through. Again the Lady points out the earth to me, and I notice that everything has cleared up. And now I see lots of bones of human beings scattered over the ground, parts of skulls, arms and legs. It is a horrible sight. I hear the Lady say,
“This is the perdition. But go and work, work …”

Righteousness, love of neighbor, justice

Then she points upwards and says,

Then I see letters appear and I read, ‘Righteousness’. After that I feel a terrible pain in my hand; it feels as heavy as lead. Then I hear the Lady say,
“Just read on”,
and I see in large letters before me, ‘Love of Neighbor’. I see dripping icicles appearing all over it. Then I hear that voice saying,
“Read on!”

But when I want to read, I cannot read anything, because of the flames playing around the letters. For a moment the flames clear away and I read ‘Justice’.

A soldiers’ cemetery

After this the Lady points and I see a soldiers’ cemetery with countless rows of white crosses. I see them fall over, one after the other––all falling backwards. Once again the Lady points and I see new white crosses appearing. As far as my eyes can reach, they are rising out of the ground. Then I hear the Lady say,
“This is the message I bring today.”

After this I see her slowly disappear in the light. I feel a great emptiness around me, and it is as if everything on earth looks dreary.

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