15TH MESSAGE – MARCH 28, 1948

March 28, 1948 by Ida Peerdeman

The struggle begins

I see the Lady and she says,
“Justice will be the point at issue. Within a very short time grave things are going to happen. These will be preceded by chaos, disorder, doubt and despair. Above St. Peter’s heavy clouds will hang, which will be dispersed with much struggle and difficulty. Otherwise, perdition.

All Christians must join forces. That will be accompanied by great pain and misery. Join forces, all of you, for the struggle begins. The gates are opening. The Eastern peoples are holding their hands before their faces in Jerusalem. They will wail over their city. There is a large well in which you all can wash yourselves.”

Then I see written: ‘Righteousness’, ‘Love’ and ‘Justice’. The Lady says,
“As long as these words are not kept before people’s eyes and are not lived in their hearts, there will be no peace in sight.”

Then I see a Cross planted in the ground. A snake is wriggling around it, and everything around me is growing black and dark.

Next I see a sword hanging over Europe and the East. From the West a light is coming. I hear the Lady say very seriously,
“Christian peoples, the heathens will teach it to you.”

Search your hearts

Then I see the Pope and around him a reinforced bodyguard. There are also other people around him; it seems to me they are all clerics––bishops and cardinals. While pointing at these clerics, the Lady says,
“Snares and traps.”

Having said this, the Lady looks at me intently. Heavy clouds are hanging over St. Peter’s. Then the Lady says to all those who are sitting around the Pope,
“Be righteous and act according to your teaching. Cover your eyes with your hands, and search your hearts.”

Then it is as if I would again receive a Cross in my hand, and it hurts. It is so heavy that I can scarcely hold it. The Lady says,
“Grip it tightly.”

It is as if large rays would stream forth from it.

Then suddenly the Lady is gone, and so is the light.

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