16TH MESSAGE – MAY 7, 1949

May 7, 1949 by Ida Peerdeman

I have to raise two fingers, and then I see a bishop in full pontificals. After that I see a stone bier upon which a high clergyman, also of stone, is lying. At the head of the stone bier a cardinal’s hat is lying, and above that a sword and a crown. That sword is lying diagonally, partly beside the hat, and, because the bier is slanted, it points downwards diagonally.

The darkness of the times

Then I am placed before a large gate. It is opened before me and I have to enter. Someone in a long gown is standing before the gate. I shudder at the thought of stepping across the threshold. Suddenly I see that it is the Lady. She says,
“Take that step.”

Then we come into a large space which is circular. In that space there is an unending depth and darkness. The Lady says,
“That is a dark spot. You must penetrate very deeply into it. It is the depth and the darkness of the times.”

The least of my children

Then all at once I see the Lady seated, dressed in mourning, with a white veil draped over her head. She has very old features and she is sitting stooped. She says,
“We are here in the darkness; it is the degeneration of humanity.”
Then I see a crucifix before me. The corpus slides down from it, so that the Cross is left bare. The Lady says very sadly,
“The Way of the Cross is starting over again.”

I see deep wrinkles and big tears on the Lady’s face. After this I go with her deeper into the darkness. We walk on and on and I see nothing but darkness. “Oh, what is that?” I ask. We enter a grotto. The Lady lets me, so to speak, feel the stone; it is a grotto of natural stone. Then suddenly some straw appears in it, and a child is laid upon the straw. Many people are coming in from all around, very ordinary people. The Lady says,
“Ordinary people, the least of my children. They can no longer find any room––entire crowds.”

She keeps on repeating,
“The least of my children.”

Now, before my eyes, that cave changes into a church. Immediately after that I see countless rows of churches, and then again that one church. Just as in the cave, there is straw there, and a little child is laid upon it. This is again not an ordinary child, but a heavenly, radiant, and spiritualized Child.

Now the Lady takes me along all those churches and points out to me nothing but empty pews. She says,
“Do you see the mistake? Emptiness.”

And then many white plates, like name plates, appear on those pews. The Lady asks again,
“Do you see the mistake?”

Now she stretches out her hand over all those rows of pews, and then I see that those pews are bare––all the name plates are gone.
“The least of my children”,
that voice says again; and then it is as though the Lady wants to fill up those pews with people.

Then I see a bishop. The Lady says,
“Tell this; tell this.”

And she points at those churches. Then she says,
“The world, and above all the Church, must be detached from everything.”


Then I see St. Peter’s. I see the Pope seated with his head bowed and his bodyguard around him. All that is also placed in the cave. Then the Lady writes a large ‘P’ with an ‘X’ across it. This she puts down at his feet, and in front of it is placed the Cross, the long beam pointed upwards––thus upside down. The Lady says,
“Where are your soldiers?”

The Pope is sitting with his fingers raised, and above his head is written, ‘Fight’. I see more and more fighting. Then suddenly I see soldiers wearing high caps standing behind the Pope; they are raising two fingers.

Conflict and degeneration

The Lady says,
“Then a great conflict will arise in the world.”

And I see two powers opposing one another.

All at once I see a large field of waving corn; it is moving to and fro very slowly.
Then I hear the Lady say twice,

Then she says,
“Russia will do everything in pretence. There will be a complete revolution.”

Now I see the earth, and it is as if it makes a turn. Then the Lady says,
“Nature is changing too.”

I hear,
“Christ is no more.”

I go looking around and hear,
“Realism, a spirit of realism.”

I also see that spirit, so to speak.

The spirit they did not understand

Then I have a very beautiful vision. We arrive inside the cave again and I see, so to speak, all the fruits and riches of the earth being put into that cave. Now the Lady looks very cheerful, and she says to me,
“We are going to distribute this.”

But then she suddenly gets very serious and says,
“This was the spirit they did not understand.”

And meanwhile it is as if she is distributing.

Now the Lady lets me see the bare Cross and lays it down flat on the floor of the cave.

Forces of nature

Suddenly I find myself above the earth; the globe is beneath us. I now see something quite peculiar, something that is unfamiliar to us. In the middle there is an area, intensely blue and of unending depth. Round about it appear rings––circles of beautiful colors––fading off into one another. They are colors that are unfamiliar to us. As I float there in the air, I am suddenly pulled down as if by a magnet. The Lady says,
“These are forces of nature. You will hear about them.”

It seems to me that it is for later on. We continue on our way and come above those rings or circles into an infinite light, a very strange and peculiar light. Then we come above another circle, which is very heavy to me. My hands and my whole body become numb; it is as if I were floating, going up and down. Then I feel some kind of pain, a terrible pain. I don’t know what this has to do with it.

This image disappears and now I see the Lady pointing at something. She says,
“That is the bright circle.”

The Church surrounded

And now I suddenly see St. Peter’s again, next to it the Church of England, then the Armenian Church and then the Russian Church; this I am again given to understand. A cord is encircling them all. Then I see the Pope sitting at the head, holding the two ends. Behind this, behind the Pope and those churches, I vaguely hear the word: “Atheists”. They form a semicircle around it all. Then another curve appears around it. Thus the Church is, so to speak, surrounded. I hear the Lady say very sadly and emphatically,
“We will not make it this way.”

Then I see a donkey with people taking to flight. A woman with a little child is sitting on the donkey. Both are shining figures. It is a scene from the East.

A divided world

Then I see Europe lying before me and next to it America. It is as if I would seize something from the middle of North America and sprinkle it over Europe. I do not know what it is.

Then in the distance I see a multitude of Eastern peoples.
“These he will rouse”,
says the Lady. I see this in the far distance.

Then a skull appears, and I hear the Lady say,
“A great disaster will occur. That will get their attention. The Eastern seas are full; you do not see that.”

Now I have to trace a line from north to west, slanting downward. I do not know what this means. Then the Lady says,
“They are looking for peace, but it is not to be found.”

And now the Lady goes away.

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