October 1, 1949 by Ida Peerdeman

Christ persecuted

I see the Lady. She says,
“My child, I am helping you. Have confidence––in difficult moments too.”

She puts a Cross in my hand; it is so heavy! The Lady says,
“Child, you shall carry the Cross around.”

Now I see written before me, ‘1950’ and then ‘1951-1953’.

Then I see St. Peter’s in front of me. Drops are falling upon it––tears or rain. Then the Lady says, “Warn that it is not going well this way. My Son is being persecuted again. Take the Cross and plant it in the center! Only then will there be peace.”

War on the Balkans – England

Then suddenly I see the Balkans. There is war there; they are fighting again. The Lady says,
“Child, there will be a severe fight. We are not yet out of this fight.
Economic disasters will come.
England’s empire is tottering.”

Now I see the crown of England with a rope attached to it. They are pulling that crown from all sides in order to keep it balanced above that country.

Then I see the Pope and a patriarch.


Then the Lady says,
“Come along to Russia.”

I now see Russia. The Lady takes me along to glass buildings, underground too––all kinds of people are working there. These seem to be Germans, Frenchmen, Poles, but others too; I hear them speaking different languages. It seems to be deep in Russia, somewhere in the great uninhabited plains of northern Russia. The Lady says,
“They are making chemicals there. America, be warned! Intervene, do intervene!
Not only human lives are at issue here, but higher powers. Bring faith into the world again. But the faithful …”
and the Lady shakes her head.
“Live according to it––Love of Neighbor––for Love is the first commandment! Righteousness comes next.”

The Danube countries

Now I travel, so to speak, with the Lady down the Danube. She points all around her and says,
“Work has to be done here; work has to be done there.”

And she points from left to right.
“It must return to God. The people are ripe for it. The top leaders, however, do not want to.”

And then all of a sudden the Lady is gone.

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