November 19, 1949 by Ida Peerdeman

Italy and Germany

The Lady is there again. She lets me see Italy, saying,
“Those in high positions have to take the lead there. Mere words avail nothing. Deeds!”

Then it is as if I would see St. Peter’s tottering. The Lady says,
“In Italy they have to work better against communism. Warn them of the situation in Germany and Italy; they can still be saved. I say this now so that you may tell them to work against the degeneration of Germany. The people are good, but they are led astray by circumstances. We have to bring the Cross there again and plant it in the center. They have to begin to reawaken the faith among the youth and instill it anew. If hard work is not done in Italy, it will perish. The least of my children must be roused.”


Then it is as if the Lady takes a great crowd of people to a certain spot. While watching this, I see the Lady pushing these people towards an altar, upon which a large Cross is standing. Then she says,
“This is the work of the mighty ones of this world, but …”

And then she moves her finger to and fro and keeps shaking her head.
“For that reason they all have to work together. Pass it on!”
the Lady says,
“They have to pray even more. Pray to ward off degeneration. The whole world will destroy itself if this is not done. That is why I showed you this.”

And now all of a sudden the Lady is gone.

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