December 3, 1949 by Ida Peerdeman

Germany – Modern paganism

I see the Lady standing before me. She says,
“Child, I am bringing you a message for Germany again. It must be saved.”

Then the Lady takes me above Germany. As I see Germany lying there I feel the situation there: a terrible decline of the country, the people, and the youth––and a great apostasy.

The Lady says,
“The bishops should work. They have to give the order to their priests to work especially among the youth, against humanism––modern paganism.”

I see many crosses standing before me. The Lady shows me how those crosses are being taken to various places. Now in Berlin I see a large square, where the Reichstag-building is. The Lady seems to plant a large Cross there, saying to me,
“People have to be brought there. The youth have to be kept away from modern paganism. They should work hard on this.”


Then I see Rome again before me. The Lady moves her finger in warning over Rome and says,
“Oh, oh, why not start from there? It has to be completely rebuilt.”

It is as though her hands are going around the Vatican, digging underneath and turning everything upside down.

The Netherlands

Then I see the Netherlands lying before me. The Lady says,
“The Netherlands are approaching the downward slope, too.”

I see the Dutch youth, young people and children, on a downward slope. The Lady says,
“They are on a downward slope.”

The chasm

Then it is as if the Lady takes me along somewhere. In front of me I see two very high mountains. In between there is a very deep and dark chasm or abyss. It seems as though I were suddenly placed on one of those mountains. The Lady says,
“Look …”

And I see an abyss in the middle of the world. All at once it seems that the two mountains are brought together by the Lady, and she says,
“This chasm has to be closed.”

Changing the laws

Next I see St. Peter’s. The Lady says,
“Child, there you see the Pope in full pontificals, holding up two fingers. Listen carefully. The doctrine is right, but the Pope is entitled to change the laws. He should see it through.”

All the while I see the Pope sitting before me, holding up two fingers. Next I see a large session hall, in which the Pope is seated.
says the Lady,
“the laws may be changed. They may, they must be changed. The social classes must come closer to each other. Those in Rome should see it through and set the example for the entire world. Consider and speak––and again I say to you: love is the first commandment, and next to it, as if joined to it by an arch, truth and righteousness.”

The doctrine of Christ

says the Lady again,

And I see a ‘50’ between the Lady and the Pope. The Lady says,
“In that year hard work will have to be done and … not only with words. The doctrine of Christ is right. Why is it not lived correctly and in all its refinement?”

Now I see around me little dots and in the middle a big, red one. The Lady presses her hand heavily upon the red dot, saying,
“That is the main issue. It is not lived correctly. There needs to be a complete change. If they do not take these warnings to heart, they will perish and end up there.”

And I again see those mountains with the abyss.

Once more I see the Pope, and the Lady says,
“He has but to command and it will happen.”

Then I see Italy and unfamiliar clergy of high rank. I see the Pope seated with cardinals and bishops around him, in a large session hall of the Vatican. The Lady tells me he is issuing a decree. Then I see bridging between the upper and lower classes.
“This is what it has to come to”,
the Lady says.
“Keep in mind love and righteousness. Let all who believe work together for the good.”

It will come true through the years

Then I ask, “But are you really the Lady?” She looks at me smiling and says,
“Your spiritual director should believe you; he has sufficient evidence. Tell him the following: he has good intentions and has love in his heart––for his work, too; and for the rest …”

The Lady then makes a friendly gesture with her head and hands, like a good mother, adding,
“And for the rest he need not worry. This is simply the way his life has been guided. The evidence has been given to you. I cannot say more, as of yet. It will come true through the years. Tell him this.”

These last words upset me very much, and I think, “Through the years? Then how long will it take?”

And then the Lady goes away.

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