December 16, 1949 by Ida Peerdeman

Poor Germany

I hear the Lady say, as she moves her finger to and fro in warning with a stern look on her face,
“Poor, poor Germany! Pick up the crosses and plant them in the center. Rouse the priests. Start from below. The lower classes have to be brought back to Him. Realize that this is the way it works!”

And the Lady clenches her fist and shows it to me, very forcefully, even swinging her arm and fist towards me.

Heavy clouds over St. Peter’s

Then I see St. Peter’s. The Lady stretches her hand over it and says,
“That shall and must be protected. The other spirit is penetrating so dreadfully.”

Then before my eyes I see a great mingling of white and red clouds. It is as though they moved quickly alongside and through one another. Beneath the clouds I see silhouettes of all kinds of domes and spires jumbled together. The Lady points this image out to me, and then it is as if she separates the clouds from one another with her hands. I now see a deep blue area before me, and in the center of that blue area is a bright light. It is just like a very bright star, sparkling before my eyes. The Lady taps that light with her forefinger, very gently, and yet so powerfully that I can hear the impacts as though she were tapping it with a hammer. Then she says,
“That is where they have to go.”

Then below I see heavy clouds hanging, very black ones, and I see the dome of St. Peter’s. I hear that voice say,
“There will be a fight there; it will be fierce; it will break out. We still have a long way to go.”

Working through deeds

After that I see the Pope sitting before me. The Lady looks seriously, turns her head to the side and says,
“The faithful have to be encouraged. Not merely encouraged, but they also have to work in the true Christian spirit. You think that all that is good, but it has to be worked through deeds. I am being clear enough. Insist even more on social rights, righteousness and love of neighbor, but … act, not with words, but with deeds. Deeds can bring them to the light that I showed you.”

Then I see Europe before me. The Lady says,
“Europe, be warned! Unite in the good. This is not merely an economic struggle; it is about corruption of the spirit: politico-Christian struggle. It has to come from the top down. They have to set an example, but, unfortunately, the clergy, too. They have to come down to the least of my children.”

Love of Neighbor, Righteousness

Then, above the Pope and St. Peter’s, I see ‘Love of Neighbor, Righteousness’ written in large letters. The Lady says,
“This is the great fault of this time. Unless these are lived up to, things will steadily grow worse, and the world will sink lower and lower. Everyone must make it one’s own concern to live up to these.”

Then it is as if the Lady would put a Cross in my hand, and she says, while pointing at herself,
“Not me, but the Cross!”

Period of a fight and disasters

Next she makes me read a sign on which is written ‘50 – 51 – 53’, and she says,
“During this period there will be a fight and disasters.”

Then she holds one hand protectively over that dome, and the other before her eyes. I get a terrible, burning pain in my hand. “I cannot bear it”, I say. Then the Lady says with emphasis,
“That spirit will continually try to penetrate in all kind of forms––slowly, insidiously. It will penetrate so cunningly that the peoples will not recognize it. Again I warn you to pass this on.”


Then I see Italy. I see there an ordinary, simple man––a priest. It is as if he is standing in the midst of a large crowd, preaching. The Lady smiles and points at him. As I look there, she says,
“That Lombardi is doing a good job. He works along lines such as We desire.”

After this I see two rows of different churches before me. Then it is as if the Lady walks towards the front row and lightly passes her hand over that row. I see these churches fall en masse and disappear.

The center

Then the Lady says,
and she draws a sort of diamond shape before me,
“child, that is the center.”

Now I see a dome and around it a wall in the shape she just drew. Suddenly I see that it is the dome of St. Peter’s. A narrow creek is running round it, marked off by a thin, black line. The Lady points at it and she says again,
“That is the center.”

Then she moves her finger to and fro very slowly and insistently, and she says,
“Let that remain the center! The spirits of the world are at work to destroy that center. I will help you.”

Now I notice that the Lady is again holding her hand above the Pope and St. Peter’s.
Then on my left I suddenly see a big, black claw with long, sharp nails. It is as if that claw is digging through everything in St. Peter’s. What pain is gripping me. Everything turns pink and red before my eyes. Then that claw begins to hover above everything, and at that moment I see a black eagle in flight. It is flying to the left with great flaps of its wings.

Germany and Italy

I see Germany lying on my right. Then I hear the Lady say,
“Germany, be warned!”

I see a triangle drawn over Germany. The Lady says,
“The spirit of the triangle is trying to penetrate in a different form. The people are good, but they are being pulled hither and thither and can find no way out. Poor Germany! They will fall and already have fallen victim to that other great one.”

Then I suddenly see a German bishop before me in full pontificals. He is an older man, a strong figure. On my right a layman appears, likewise a strong, manly figure. I hear,
“The bishop in his domain, and then someone enters the other domain. But that is for later on. Germany will try to work her way out; so will Italy.”

Then I again see that simple priest, surrounded by people. The Lady says,
“He is trying to bring the truth among the people.”

Then she tells me,
“You shall spread this. Do tell them.”

And all of a sudden the Lady is gone.

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