February 14, 1950 by Ida Peerdeman


I see the Lady standing before me. She says to me,
“My child, I have come here to tell you what my message is. They have to work, but very hard.”

Then the Lady gestures with her hands as though beckoning several people. Afterwards I see many young people, young men and women. Suddenly that image disappears, and now I see the Lady again. She seems to beckon those young people to come and stand before her. She says,
“I do not yet see them––the armies of young men and women. Why is it not set on foot, and why is it being neglected?”

And it is as if she looks around to see where they are. Then she says,
“I have come here to draw attention to this. This is meant for Germany too.”

The simple Cross

Then the Lady continues,
“There is a strong tendency in the world towards the good, and this is exactly why the other spirit is at work. That spirit is busy influencing and corrupting the world. People are not bad in themselves, but weak.”

Then the Lady again holds a Cross in her hand. She puts it on a kind of platform, saying,
Do you see that Cross? Humanity needs to be brought back to this. I urgently ask them not to forget that simple Cross in this modern world with its modern technology.”

Modern means

After this I see the Pope before me and around him the whole Vatican. It is as if the Lady suddenly were standing above it all. Then I see big drops falling on the Vatican, drops coming from the Lady’s direction. She says in warning,
“This Church still has its chance, but I will not say more about it. I already spoke about the modern world. Why does Rome not seek for more modern means, and why do they not work more in the modern spirit? They should take advantage of these means to win over the world’s spirit. There are others to care for the body. The Church has to work on forming the spirit. Right now they have such a great opportunity, for humanity is searching. It is no longer a fight against nations, but against the spirit.”

America and Russia – Japan – The Indies

Then the Lady continues,
“A great conflict will arise there––America and Russia; that is approaching.”

I feel an excruciating pain in my hands. Then the Lady says,
“Japan will convert.”

I do not know what this should mean. Then I sense a terrible pain coming over the Indies.

The Lady lets me feel this in my hand.

Still a chance

Then the Lady says,
“If Rome were willing to work hard, then more support would come forth from all sides.”

And then I see the Vatican. The Lady is again standing, so to speak, above it, and gestures with her hands as if she were placing several churches around the Vatican. Then the Lady says, as if speaking to herself,
“The chance is still there.”

Then she adds,
“This Pope has to realize what a great task he must carry out in this time.”


Now she lets me see Germany and says,
“Ask the Pope to send directives. Germany in particular is in such need of the good spirit. These can bring that spirit.”

I see an archbishop in Germany, a strong figure.

“He will put up a fight”,
I hear the Lady say. Then, with two fingers––the index finger and the middle finger wide apart––she makes a zigzagged line right over Germany, and says,
“Work on the young people in Germany, all of you who have been appointed for that. I am not telling you this for nothing.”

And then the Lady goes away.

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