22ND MESSAGE – MAY 27, 1950

May 27, 1950 by Ida Peerdeman

Taking time for the spiritual

I see the Lady standing before me, and while looking at her hands she says to me,
“Child, I still see empty hands. I ask you to pass on that I truly and firmly intend to form––among that core group of people––a group of those who desire the good and who do what is good. Listen carefully. Much time is taken for material things. They should take time for the spiritual, too. It is so urgently necessary. I would like this group of people to become aware of this. I tell you once again: those Catholics have to work hard; a great danger is threatening. Italy will seem to duel.”

Now the Lady shows me St. Peter’s again, and says,
“In the same way, they are working in other directions, too, to form something mighty.”


“In Germany they have to work hard. Fortunately one thing or another has again been initiated there for working among the faithful again even more and better. But that is not enough by any means. Germany, above all, has to be very alert. A two-faced game is being played with her, with Germany.”


Now I see a very large group of young people standing around the Lady. She looks at them and points at them, saying,
“Child, they really should start”
––and she points again at the group around her––
“bringing young people back to the right religious attitude. It is difficult and hard for those who have this at heart. I cannot, however, insist upon it enough. It is high time to begin.”

The first and greatest commandment

Now the Lady makes a kind of curve with her hand and says,
“This is for later on.”

I do not know what this should mean. Then the Lady says,
“You will see that only after much misery and many disasters will the Cross again be raised up. Everyone shall do one’s part, according to one’s ability. And I again point out the first and greatest commandment: Love, Love of Neighbor.”

And now all of a sudden the Lady is gone.

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