November 16, 1950 by Ida Peerdeman

The Lady upon the globe – The Lady of All Nations

I see the Lady standing upon the globe. She points at the globe and says to me,
“Child, I am standing upon this globe, because I want to be called the Lady of All Nations.”

The words ‘of All Nations’ appear above her head in a semicircle.

Placing her feet on England and Germany

The Lady continues,
“I have told you: mission in one’s own country. And now I want to let you see something.”

Then the Lady points again at the globe, and after that she is standing on Germany with her feet close together. Then the Lady makes a movement as if she steps upon England with one foot, and she says,
“I have already placed one foot there firmly.”

Then she places that foot back on Germany and puts both feet together again firmly. She stands again with her hands spread apart and looks down at Germany very dejectedly.

Then the Lady says,
“Child, I put both my feet on it. Germany must be saved. The Son brought you precisely here so that you may better understand this. I have restored many sick people to health.”

She lets me see a map and points out a certain place. I see Lourdes very clearly. Next she points out other places, too. Which places they are, though, I don’t know. The Lady says,
“Now do you understand what I want here? There are so many sick souls here; they have to be saved. Why are so many priests here going from Germany to the foreign missions? They should stay here. There is so much work to be done.”

Call to action in Germany

Then the Lady points and I see the Vatican, as she says, “The Pope should send the means and summon the priests; otherwise Germany will perish. There is a great, immense apostasy there. People do not want to give offerings for new churches and buildings. The priests must be spurred on towards this. It is a hard job. I am only warning. The others are very busy drawing the German people away from Rome.”

After this I suddenly see a skull before me and in front of it two bones crossed over one another. The Lady takes the skull and the bones and lays them at her feet upon Germany. Then she says,
“The Son wants to give His special protection and has sent me to help Germany. But they have to be spurred-on to do what I say.”

Starting from the bottom up

Then I see many little children gathering around her, looking up at her in rapture. The Lady points at those children, and then I see men and women standing on my left at a great distance from the Lady and the children. The Lady brings her hands together and says,
“Germany must start to regain its unity. Let everyone start for oneself in one’s own house. Children again have to be one with father and mother. They should kneel together again and pray the Rosary.”

Then it is as if the Lady would scatter the children, and she says,
“It has to start from the bottom up, and then go out into the world. Then love of neighbor has to be practiced again very much. A great action has to be set afoot among Catholics. This can be done by propagation, by preaching about it more in the churches. On the whole, to have more action.”

Meanwhile it is as if the Lady were pushing people forward.
“It is of great importance that this be carried through. There are others working to destroy Germany. The people are ready now. Tell them; do tell them!”

Then the Lady makes a gesture of warning with her finger,
“They should work hard.”

A great chance for Rome

After that I see the Pope before me once again. The Lady says,
“The Pope will comply if it is asked of him.”

Then the Lady crosses her arms and extends them over Germany. After that she steps away from Germany, and I see the globe rotating under her feet. Then I see her standing on the globe again, and she points out Rome to me. She now moves her finger to and fro in warning and says,
“The Pope should always continue in this way! There is a great chance for Rome now.”

I see various churches before me. With one movement of the hand the Lady throws these churches, so to speak, to the ground. Then I see the great dome of the Vatican in the background. The Lady says,
“The great chance has now come, provided that the Pope carries through what he is planning to do.”

The Lady holds her hand in protection over the Pope.

Disturbance over the world

Then she says,
“A great disturbance is coming upon the world. The Russians are not leaving things as they are. And for that reason I say: I am the Lady of All Nations.”

Saying so, she strongly emphasizes the word ‘all’.

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