December 10, 1950 by Ida Peerdema

The Cross laid upon the world

To my left I see a light appearing. I have to fold my hands. Then suddenly I see the Lady, standing upon the globe again. After that it is as if the Lady takes me along, and now I see her spreading out the globe before me like a flat map. Then she places something on the map, and a terrible pain comes over me. I then see that the Lady has laid a very large, heavy Cross upon that map. While looking at it, I feel terrible pain in my hands and head. It is as if all the muscles in my body are contracting. The Lady says,
“This is the beam that is being laid upon the world”,
and she points at the long beam. Then the Lady points at the cross-beam and then again at the whole Cross, saying,
“I am letting you feel the pains of that beam.”

After this a feverish sensation comes into my head, and it is as if I have a violent thirst, so terrible that I can hardly bear it. Then the Lady makes me lift my right hand, with two fingers and my thumb raised. I have to make my left hand into a fist. The Lady says,
“The right hand is Truth and the other is the fist. You have to hold them up so that everyone can see them.”

While doing so, I suddenly see all kinds of people from all nations appear behind the globe with the Cross. Then I have to hold my fist in front of my eyes. At that such terrible pain seizes me that I double over and begin to cry. Again it is as if all the muscles of my body were contracting. “That fist hurts so much”, I tell the Lady. Then the pains slowly disappear. I fold my hands again.

Fight in the East

The Lady says,
“Come. Let’s stop in the midst of it. I want to place my feet in the midst of the world, and I will let you see something: … That is America.”

Then she suddenly points to another part and says,
“Manchuria; a terrible uprising will happen there.”

After this I see Chinese people, and then I see a line which they are crossing.

Then I have to move my hand up and down over Formosa and Korea. I hear the Lady say,
“Child, I told you: this is a sham. By this I meant that there will be periods of apparent tranquility. But this will not last long. The Eastern peoples have been roused by a type of humanity which does not believe in the Son.”

We continue again. Now I see Great China lying before me, and I have to fold my arms in a peculiar manner. I see a great man––I mean a man of spiritual greatness––sitting on a throne. The Lady says,
“He is grieved. His empire will be divided up for the time being.”

Then the Lady points out America and moves a disapproving finger to and fro, as she says with a grave look,
“Do not push your politics too far.”

After that she lets me stroke the Cross twice with my hand. The Cross weighs heavily over America, too.

Next I see Asia. Then I see the Lady extend her hands over a certain part of it––it seems to me to be the Ukraine––as if to protect it.

Then upward to the left, in Russia, I see a glaring light, a blinding light. It is as if it explodes from the ground upward. It is a horrible sight.

“And then you no longer see anything”,
says the Lady, and I am blinded by that light. I feel something very disgusting coming over me. Then I see a scorched plain. It is a ghastly sight, just as if death had gone over it.
Next I see people in front of me with cloths around their heads and wide cloaks draped about them. They are holding their cloaks shut with their hands crossed in front of them.

The Lady points at those people and says,
“A fight for holy ground will happen again there, too. They will have a conflict over our land.”
The Lady is speaking so softly that I do not know whether she says ‘fight’ or ‘conflict’.
“Japan, too, has to be on her guard. I am telling you all of this, and you will witness it. For I am the Lady of All Nations, and you shall say this.”

The Lady’s earlier apparitions

Then I see the Lady again, standing before me in her usual position with her arms spread out. I ask her, “Will they believe me?” I ask this because of all the difficulties I have had.

The Lady answers,
“Yes, that is why I came to you before––when you did not understand. It was not necessary then; it was the proof for now.”

The secular and regular clergy

Now I have to form a fist again with one hand and raise the fingers of the other hand. The Lady then says,
“Those two hands will fight against one another, but after much fighting and pain the hand with the fist will fall, because Truth will always triumph. But alas, a lot still has to be changed there. Say that the Church is now on the right path.”

Now the Lady pauses, and then she says,
“The seculars and regulars.”

Then it is as if she bangs her fist on the table. I hear a loud bang and see her shaking her head in an emphatic ‘no’. Then she says,
“Among the secular clergy there is still so much indifference which can be put aside. They shall mind their task well in this time.”

At first I dare not repeat this, but then the Lady looks at me very severely. Thus I cannot help but repeat it.

Men and women

Then it is as if the Lady forms two rows of people. Now I see men standing to her right and women to her left. Then she points at the row of women with a compassionate look on her face. She shakes her head in pity and says, as though addressing those women,
“Do you still know your task? Listen carefully: as a woman is, so is the man. You women, set the example. Return to your womanliness.”

Then she looks at the row of men and says,
“I have one question for you, men: where are the soldiers for Christ? That is all I have to say to you.”

The white dove

Then it is as if the Lady unites those two rows of people. She brings them together with an arch. Now I see endless rows of men and women next to one another. Then all of a sudden that arch forms a large dome, and above that dome it forms into a large church. Inside that church I see the following image appear: a white dove emitting rays of light. The Lady says,
“Oh, let those come upon the people of the earth. I will help them, but they will have to work hard and quickly.”

The Pope will be helped

Then all of a sudden I see the Pope again, but I only see his bust. He is, so to speak, above it all. He is wearing a peculiar crown all set with precious stones. While looking at it, I hear the Lady say,
“A tiara.”

Then it is as if the Lady addresses the Pope, and she says,
“You are heading in the right direction. I will help you. Use your modern means even more and press on. Rome’s chance has come. Make use of it! You will have to weather very severe storms, but you will be helped.”

Then I see enormous storms, and a flood of water.

Then all of a sudden I see a crown in the Lady’s right hand, and it is as though she were handing it over to the Pope.


Next the Lady says to me,
“Now we move on. France is in a dreadful plight.”
I see France before me, and the statue of Napoleon on it in the center. I hear,
“France, militarily, economically and spiritually you have sunk very deeply. Where are your glory and your pride?”

Then I see many red spots upon France. I hear that voice say,
“And yet so very little is necessary to make these people see the error of their ways.”

Then the Lady points at various countries and says,
“Why don’t they join together?”

Now I see the Netherlands, France, Belgium and England.

The iron curtain

The Lady points at a thick line in Germany, and she says,
“Europe is divided in two.”

I remove that line with one sweep of the hand. Now I see a very black area, except for the coastal countries, which I see very clearly. Then we arrive above a river. The Lady says,
“The Oder.”

I see no water flowing, but a red flood.

“And it is red with blood”,
says the Lady. I see red streams flowing westward.


Then I hear,
“Turkey, are you on your guard?”

Then I see the Bosporus and the Dardanelles. I have to do something strange. I have to make my hands into claws and place them firmly on the map. My arms I have to hold like the paws of a beast. The Lady says,
“You only represent that. You are as a beast standing with two paws upon Europe, ready to pounce.”

Then I actually see a beast, ready to pounce on Europe. It looks to the left and to the right, but then very slowly it draws back its paws.

The shepherd and his flock

Then I hear that voice say,
“Then, after fear and sorrow, you will see the following.”

And then all of a sudden I see a peaceful landscape before me, with lambs and sheep at pasture and a shepherd in their midst. The Lady says,
“Understand all this well and pass it on.”

Then all of a sudden the Lady is gone.

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