29TH MESSAGE – MARCH 28, 1951

March 28, 1951 by Ida Peerdeman

Obedience to the Son

I see a bright light and then hear,
“Here I am again, the Lady of All Nations.”

Then I see the Lady before me clearly. She says,
“I am coming only to bring you the following message. Tell your spiritual director that everything is going well like that. But, the Son wants to be obeyed. His will must be carried out.”

The prayer once again

“Look carefully once more at how I look.”
Now it is as if the Lady is coming closer, and she again lets me see everything clearly.

Then she says,
“This is how it has to be spread. In the text of the prayer which I recited, nothing may be changed.”

Again the Lady prays the prayer in the same beautiful way and with that heavenly expression:

“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father,
send now Your Spirit over the earth.
Let the Holy Spirit live
in the hearts of all nations,
that they may be preserved
from degeneration, disaster and war.
May the Lady of All Nations,
who once was Mary,
be our Advocate.

While the Lady says the prayer, she lets me read it in printed letters. Then I see that the word ‘now’ in the phrase ‘send now Your Spirit’ and the word ‘All’ in ‘the Lady of All Nations’ are underlined.

Then the Lady says,
“‘Who once was Mary’, that stays as it is.”

Era of decline

“Tell your spiritual director further that prudence is good, but the Son is sending me to you to carry out His will. Child, do not be afraid. I stand as the Lady before the Cross, and in this way I wish to be brought back into the world. And you, child, are the instrument, only the instrument.

Earlier I already showed you, ‘51-53’. Do you know, child, what kind of an era this is? Throughout the centuries the world has not yet experienced such an era, such a decline of faith; and that is why I want this to be carried out, quickly and without fear. Tell your spiritual director that in these modern times, in this modern world, which knows so well how to act promptly and quickly in material affairs, it is equally necessary in spiritual matters to act quickly, promptly and in a modern way.”

Rome in danger

Then it is as if I suddenly see Rome before me. I hear the Lady say, as she moves her finger to and fro in disapproval,
“Do you know your laws?”

Then the Lady says to me again,
“Further, tell your spiritual director not to be afraid. He will understand me. For it is I who have chosen him and you to pass this on. Today this is my special message so that action will be taken.

I already told you earlier: the Cross has to be brought back into the world in these years, 51-53. You do not know what is lying hidden in the future. You do not realize the great danger facing Rome. Rome still thinks that she is standing strong, but she is not aware of how she is being undermined. Do you realize how quickly action needs to be taken? Do you realize that theology must give way to the cause of my Son?”

Do not be afraid

Next the Lady says,
“I move away from the Cross and place myself beside it.”

Now the Lady steps aside, and it is as if I were placed before that large Cross. Again I feel those terrible pains. This lasts a while. Then the Lady takes her place again before the Cross, and says further,

“You shall do what I tell you, child. I will assist you and the others. I want it to be spread in many languages. I will help them in this. Do not be so afraid. Why be afraid regarding the concerns of the Son? Spread this. Otherwise the world will fall into degeneration. Otherwise the world will destroy itself. Otherwise there will be war upon war and no end to destruction.”

False prophets

“Rome must know her task in this time. Does Rome realize which enemy is lying in wait and creeping like a snake throughout the world? And by this I do not mean communism alone; other prophets will come––false prophets. That is why those means should be made use of.

I stand as the Lady before the Cross, as the Mother before my Son, Who through the Father entered into me. And this is why I stand before my Son, as the Advocate and bearer of this message to this modern world.”

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