THE MESSAGES – 1945-1959

31ST MESSAGE – APRIL 15, 1951

April 15, 1951 by Ida Peerdeman

The loin-cloth

I see that great bright light again. Very slowly the Lady comes forth from that light, and then she is standing before me clearly. The Lady is not yet saying anything, but looking at me with a smile. This lasts for a while, and then she begins to speak. The Lady says,
“Child, look carefully once more.”

The Lady now points at the sash wrapped around her waist; I have to look at it carefully. The Lady says,
“You have described everything correctly. You are on the right path. But look carefully at this cloth once more.”

Now I see the Lady remove the cloth from her waist. It is a very long cloth, and she lets me see how she wraps it around herself. With her left hand she holds one end, and with her right hand she wraps that cloth twice around her waist until reaching the left side again. Then with her left hand she tucks in the end, such that a little part is left hanging down.

“Listen carefully to what this means”,
the Lady says.
“This is as the loin-cloth of the Son. For I stand as the Lady before the Cross of the Son.”

A new dogma

“This image will precede …”
Here the Lady pauses for a moment and then repeats with great emphasis,
“will precede a dogma, a new dogma.
Now I will explain it to you. Listen carefully. The Son came into this world as the Redeemer of humanity, and the work of redemption was the Cross, with all its sufferings, spiritual and bodily.”

Then the Lady moves away from the Cross, and I stand again before that large Cross. Once again those dreadful pains seize hold of me, more violently than before. It lasts a long time for me, and then the Lady, as if surrounded by a haze, places herself before the Cross. I see her double over, and then she begins to weep. Such indescribable sorrow is written upon her face, and tears are running down her cheeks. Then the Lady says,

And now it is as if she transmits that suffering to me. First of all I am seized by spiritual exhaustion, which I feel very strongly. And I feel the same pains as before, yet not as intensely as the first time. Suddenly it is as if I collapse, and I tell the Lady, “I can’t bear it any more.” It lasts another moment, and then everything is over.

The Coredemptrix and Advocate

Once again the Lady is standing clearly before the Cross, and she says,
“Listen well and understand well what I am now going to explain. Once again I say: the Son came into the world as the Redeemer of humanity. The work of redemption was the Cross. He was sent by the Father.

Now, however, the Father and the Son wants to send the Lady throughout the whole world. For in the past, too, she went before the Son and followed Him. That is why I now stand on the world, on the globe. The Cross is firmly fixed upon it, implanted in it. Now the Lady places herself before it, as the Mother of the Son, who with Him accomplished this work of redemption. This image speaks for itself and shall already be brought into the world, because the world needs the Cross again.

The Lady, however, stands as the Coredemptrix and Advocate before the Cross. Much controversy will arise over this. The Church, Rome, however, shall not be afraid to take up this struggle. It can only make the Church stronger and more powerful. This I am saying to theologians. Furthermore I tell them: take this matter seriously. Once again I say: the Son always looks for the little, the simple for His cause. Child, I hope you have grasped this well and can refute all objections.”

Rapid spreading of the prayer

“Now I am speaking to you in particular, child. See to the rapid spreading.”

I say to the Lady, “How am I capable of this? I am so afraid of it.” Then the Lady says,
“You are afraid? But I am helping you! You will find that the spreading will happen as if by itself. You are on the right path. This shall and must happen. The people who accept this prayer shall make a promise to pray it every day. You cannot estimate the great value this will have. You do not know what the future has in store.”

The world in degeneration

And now the Lady lets me see the world and it is as if snakes were creeping all over the globe. Then she says,
“People still do not realize what a serious plight the world is in. Because people are becoming so shallow, they cannot realize how much harm this is doing to the faith.”

After this the Lady looks in front of herself for a long time, as if gazing far into the distance. Then she says,
“Child, these times are the same as the times before the Son came. That is why I cannot insist enough that people, that Rome, that everyone help fight for the cause of the Son. I know that there is some revival here and there, but far from what is needed to save the world. And the world must be saved from degeneration, disaster and war. Send this prayer and image to those countries where faith has declined.”


“And then I speak for your spiritual director. Tell him that he shall act. I will help, and you shall do only what I say. For I wish to be the Lady of All Nations, who wants to help the world in this time. Nobody knows which way to turn. Very well then, go back to your simple faith, and the world will again have peace.”

Now the Lady goes away, very slowly, and I hear her say again,
“This time is Our time.”

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THE MESSAGES 1945-1959