35TH MESSAGE – AUGUST 15, 1951

August 15, 1951 by Ida Peerdeman

The dogma of the Assumption

I see the Lady. She says,
“Today I come as the Lady of All Nations.”

Then the Lady points around herself. She looks at me and says,
“I crushed the snake with my foot. I became united with the Son, just as I was always united with Him. In the history of the Church, this, the dogma, preceded. As Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate I stand here now in this time, in Our time. The dogma of the Assumption had to precede. The final and greatest dogma is to follow. The Sacrifice is present and shall be present in the midst of the world, in this time.”

Entrusted to the Mother

Now the Lady moves away from the Cross and once again I feel intense pain. Then the Lady places herself again before the Cross, and I am greatly distressed at the sight of her suffering. I see a bright light coming from the Cross. The Lady says,
“Humanity is entrusted to the Mother. For the Son said: ‘Woman, behold your son; son, behold your mother’––therefore Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. Tell this to your theologians. Say that I wish to be and shall be the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.”

The final Marian dogma

“This image shall precede; this image shall be spread. Tell this to your spiritual director. I am satisfied with everything, including his prudence. But … the Lady of All Nations will place herself in the world. This is the will of the Father and the Son, with whom I am completely united again. Just as the Son knew me, so did He take me back again. The final Marian dogma will be the greatest one: to stand as Coredemptrix before the Cross in this time.”

Do not hesitate

“I have said: disasters will come, natural disasters. I have said: the great ones will disagree with one another. I have said: the world is falling into degeneration. That is why the Father and the Son now sends the Lady back into the world as she was. The Lady was once known as Mary.

The world is falling into degeneration, is in degeneration. The Netherlands is on the brink of degeneration; that is why I have put my foot on it. From the Netherlands I want to give my words to the world. My other foot is placed on Germany. Die Mutter Gottes weint über die Kinder Deutschlands. They have always been my children, and that is why, from Germany too, I wish to be brought into the world as the Lady of All Nations.

I shall help you and all who see to this. I even want the outspreading to penetrate into those countries which are cut off from others. There also will the Lady of All Nations give her blessing. See to this; do not hesitate. For I myself never hesitated. I went before the Son on the way to the Cross. This image shall precede. This image shall be brought into the world. Do you realize, Rome, how much everything is being undermined? Years will pass by, years will elapse. But the more the years, the less faith; the more the years, the greater the apostasy. The Lady of All Nations stands here and says, I want to help them, and I may help them.”


“The first and greatest commandment for humanity is Love. One who possesses love will honor one’s Lord and Master in His creation, that is to say, see the greatness of His creation, including the Sacrifice. One who possesses love will do unto others all which one would want done unto oneself. Love is the first and the greatest commandment which Christ gave. This is what I want to bring today. This message is to be passed on. You are the instrument.”

To what is good, to Christ

“The Church will encounter much opposition on account of the new dogma. It will arouse astonishment in others. It will only make the Church stronger and more powerful. Do you know, Rome, how great your power is? Are you aware of what you have in your hands? Simply bring humanity to what is good, to Christ. Other little things do not matter.
I wish to be the Lady of All Nations. I will and may bestow Grace, Redemption and Peace upon all who ask me. I promise this today.”

One in Christ

“You, child, shall wait quietly. Your spiritual director should not be so afraid.
Bring all nations together as one mind. Let all nations be one in Jesus Christ.”

And now the Lady slowly goes away.

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