September 20, 1951 by Ida Peerdeman

Spiritual undermining

The Lady is there again. She looks at me for a long time without saying anything. Then she starts speaking and says,
“I was called Miriam, or Mary. Now I wish to be the Lady of All Nations. Child, tell them that time presses.”

Now I see ‘52’ before me. The Lady says,
“Great and serious events are imminent––spiritual, economic and material; spiritual events, spiritual undermining.”

Benevolent and broad-minded

“Christian people throughout the whole world shall join together. Do Christian people realize what others do and sacrifice for their ideals? The Church shall and must be ready to meet great dangers. Christian people shall and must search their hearts. They shall remember what their part is in this world.

Once again I warn Rome, and then I tell the Holy Father: you are the fighter in this time; see to it that your subjects are benevolent and broad-minded in their work and in their judgment. Only in this way can the world be won for the faith.”

The prayer for the True Spirit

Now all at once I see snowflakes about the Lady, and they are falling upon the globe. Then the Lady says,
“Child, why is this prayer not being spread? Why such a long wait? I taught it to you, so that it would be brought into the world among the people. Let the people pray this short, simple prayer every day. This prayer is short and simple, so that everyone in this quick and modern world can pray it. It is given in order to call down the True Spirit upon the world.”

Christian peoples, unite

Now the Lady looks about her and then at the globe. Then I see, here and there, dark, black patches appearing on the globe. The Lady says to me,
“These are the economic and material events which will come upon the world. I have said: there will be disasters; there will be natural disasters. Now I tell you: all those black patches you see now are the disasters that are yet to come. And now I am not only talking about natural disasters.

Once again I call out to all Christian peoples: it is high time; unite! And you, child, shall pass this on. You shall tell the world that it is the Lady of All Nations who tells you this.”

The fight for the Marian dogma

Now I see a large room in which all kinds of priests are gathered. They are engaged in a fierce dispute. Every now and then it even seems as if they would lash out at each other.

The Lady points there and says,
“You shall tell the theologians to keep up their fight for the Marian dogma of Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.”

Then she holds her hand above the heads of several priests and says,
“I will help them.”

The Lady of All Nations and unity

“The Lady of All Nations will come throughout the whole world. And in those countries which have rejected me, I shall return as the Lady of All Nations, standing on the globe before the Cross, surrounded by the flock of Christ. This is how I wish to come and will come. I will answer––according to the Son’s will––those who call upon me this way, as the Lady of All Nations.

The Lord and Master shall be served and honored in His creation. People shall follow the first and greatest commandment among one another.

I wish to be called the Lady of All Nations in this time. Because the world is pining for unity in everything which concerns itself, the Lord and Master wants to bring spiritual unity among the nations of this world. For this reason He is sending Miriam, or Mary, as the Lady of All Nations.”

The Holy Father

“Monasteries shall see to the outspreading. The Holy Father shall give his blessing to this work. For he is the fighter in this time. He will be taken up among Us.”

Now I see the Pope standing in an indescribable light, and next to him the Lady of All Nations. The Lady is holding a crown in her hand, and she places it on the Pope’s head. After that she places a cross in his right hand.

This image vanishes from my sight. Then the Lady is again standing alone before me, and she says,
“Child, you shall pass all this on well and tell your spiritual director: so be it.”

Then the Lady slowly disappears.

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