November 15, 1951 by Ida Peerdeman

Coredemptrix by the will of the Father

I see the Lady before me. She says,
“Tell the world that I wish to be the Lady of All Nations. Let the world pray to the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, asking Him to send the Holy Spirit so that the True Spirit may live in the hearts of all nations. Ask that the Lady of All Nations, who once was Mary, may be the Advocate.

The Lady of All Nations is standing here before the Cross of her Son. Her feet are placed in the middle of the world, the flock of Jesus Christ all around. I come in this time as the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix. I was already Coredemptrix at the Annunciation.”

Now I ask the Lady what this means. She answers,
This means: the Mother was made Coredemptrix by the will of the Father. Tell this to your theologians. Say, further, that this will be the final dogma of Marian history.”

The image shall precede

“This image shall precede, once again, shall precede. Bring this image into the world. And now I am speaking not for your country alone, but for the whole world. This world is degenerating. The world will suffer disaster upon disaster. The world will be and is economically and materially ruined. Wars will continue as long as no help comes from the True Spirit. Bring the people back to the Cross.”

One commandment: Love

Then the Lady points at the globe. I am overcome with great terror, and now I see the globe turning black. If I look carefully, it is not black everywhere to the same degree; in the East, especially, it is very bad. The Lady says,
“Child, pass on the following well: the peoples of this world shall keep one commandment in mind, and that is Love. One who possesses love will serve one’s Lord and Master in creation. Keep this one commandment in mind: Love. If that is again brought among people, the world will be saved.”

Then the Lady waves her finger to and fro and says,
“The heathens of this world want to show you how to do it, Christians. Christian people, know your duty.

And now I am speaking to the Church of Rome, and so I say to the Pope: see to it that your subjects know how to bring the love of the Son Jesus Christ into this world, this degenerate world. The Church of Rome must fulfill this commandment to the utmost. And then I say: be broad-minded. Try to place yourself in this modern world with Jesus Christ on the Cross. Try to understand these words well and to carry them out. This world can only be saved by the Church which abides by this doctrine.”

England – America

Then I see England lying before me. The Lady says,
“I am now speaking to England as I say: I shall come back.”

The Lady says the latter very forcefully, as if she wanted to say, “Nobody can stop me.”And it is as if she would really step onto England.

“You, England, will be struck in your dominions.”

I see several countries lying before me; there is unrest among the people, most of whom are black.

“You, England, will not be able to continue, except through the support of others. Catholics of England, know your task and work for the Church of Rome. Bring the Lady of All Nations to England.”

Then the Lady points at America and says angrily,

“America, what is keeping you? Are you brave enough to see it through? This is what the Lady of All Nations is asking you.”


After that I see Germany lying before me. The Lady says,
“Look where I have placed my foot; it is on Germany and the other one on the Netherlands. And so I say: poor people of Germany. Have you still not learned enough? Do not be misled by fine words. Christian people of Germany, return to the Cross and pray to the Lady of All Nations that she may help Germany.”

Now the Lady looks before herself as if gazing deeply into the world. Then she says,
“This must become a great action.”

The Netherlands

Now I see the Netherlands. As the Lady waves her finger to and fro in warning, she says,
“And now I speak to your own country, and I say: Netherlands, be on your guard! Your people, too, Netherlands, are going the wrong way.”

Then it is as if I see many side roads and winding paths. I see that the people going those ways are tumbling down them.


Now I see that the Lady is pointing at France, and she says,
“France, you will be and have been destroyed in your faith.”

Then I see a red glow coming over France. The Lady continues,
“France, you will––and now I am addressing the great ones––save your country, save it only by bringing the people back to the Cross and Votre Dame. Your people must be brought back to the Lady of All Nations.”

Italy – The Pope

Next I see Italy. With her finger raised in warning, the Lady says,
“Italy, you have had your crosses. Stay on guard. Rome, remember your poor people.
And now once again I am speaking to the Pope, and I say: you are the fighter, you are the savior for this world. You will be taken up among Us. This Pope will be revered by the peoples of the entire world.

Now I am speaking to the whole world as I say: peoples, no matter who or what you are, turn to your Creator with all your needs. Learn to find Him, wherever you are. Ask the Lady of All Nations to be your Advocate.”

The visionary and the painting

Now the Lady says, while looking at me with a smile,
“Child, say that I am pleased with the beginnings of the action. Tell all those who are cooperating that they shall even more, more and more, bring the prayer with the image into the world. I shall help them.”

Now I see the painting of the Lady of All Nations before me. The Lady says,
“And now I am speaking to you, child, in particular. You shall always come before this image––and I say ‘this image’––in order to pray for all people who are in need, bodily and spiritual. You shall continue to do so until the end is here. I have a special plan for this image; you will hear about this later. Tell your spiritual director: so be it.”

And then I see the Lady slowly going away.

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