December 31, 1951 by Ida Peerdeman

The doctrine is good

The Lady is there again. She looks at me with a smile, and she remains so for a long time. Then the Lady starts to speak, and she says,
“Child, look carefully and listen to what I have come to tell you today. I am not bringing a new doctrine. The doctrine is good, but the laws can be changed.”

Now the Lady points at the globe; suddenly I see Rome lying before me and I see a Pope.

Then the Lady says,
“Tell the Pope that he is on the right path. You have to pass this on, because people think otherwise. The spirit of righteousness and truth shall always reign over the world. Once again I say: this Pope is on the right path. Once again I say: this time is Our time.
I will now give you an explanation for my coming. Once again I say: I am not coming to bring a new doctrine––the doctrine is already there. I am coming to bring you another message. Pass this one on well.”

Already Coredemptrix at the beginning

Now the Lady lets me see her image again very clearly. It is as if she would come forward, and then she says,
“Pass on the following well. The Father, the Lord and Master, brought the Handmaid of the Lord into this world as Miriam, or Mary. She was chosen from among all women as Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. Tell your theologians: she was already made Coredemptrix at the beginning.”

Time presses

“This time is Our time. Now the Father and the Son wants to be asked to send the Spirit. I recited to you the simple prayer and let you see how I wish to have it spread over the whole world. Very well then, carry on with the outspreading. This simple prayer has been given for all peoples. Do your work, and see to the outspreading.”

Then I say to the Lady, “But I am being held back.” Looking at me, the Lady smiles and says,
“You shall do what I say. Go to your bishop and tell him that I wish to be the Lady of All Nations, who is sent by the Father in this time. Once again I say: the Church of Rome should do nothing which is in conflict with its doctrine. Very well then, this action is not in conflict with doctrine. Time presses; know this well. All peoples are groaning under the yoke of Satan. How badly this has penetrated, no one knows. I am warning the peoples of this world. The time is serious and pressing. The Church of Rome now has her chance. She will grow stronger as the fight increases.”

The final dogma of Marian history

“The Lady of All Nations stands in the middle of the world before the Cross. She comes under this name as the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, in this time. She will be taken up into Marian history under this title. The new and final dogma of Marian history will be the dogma of the Coredemptrix and Mediatrix. As Advocate I stand now in this anxious time. All of you, no matter who or what you are, ask that the true Holy Spirit may come. This you shall ask the Father and the Son. The Divine Trinity will again reign over the world. The Lady stands here as the Advocate. The issue here is the Creator, not the Lady. Tell this to your theologians. Ask them to send this simple prayer throughout the world, and the Lady will give the strength and power to carry it through.”

Simpler doctrine does not exist

Now the Lady points at the globe and says,
“I will let you see what is going to happen. It is through terrible strife and calamity that the world, those who have turned away from the Trinity, will come back to the Church. Therefore I say once again: Rome, seize your opportunity. Be broad-minded and act in love alone. Love can save this wretched world. Bring all peoples back to their Creator. Teach them how simple it is to see the Creator. People are to treat their neighbors as themselves. Simpler doctrine does not exist. Let everyone hold fast to these two things, for then you have the Church of Rome in your hands. Simple faith––that can bring salvation to the people.”

Russia – China – America – Europe

“In Russia a great change will come about.”

Now the Lady pauses a moment, and then she says very clearly and slowly, “After much fighting.
China will turn to Mother Church.”

Again the Lady pauses before adding very slowly,
“After much fighting.

America, remember your faith. Do not bring a false spirit or confusion among your people and abroad. The Lady of All Nations warns America to remain what it used to be.
Europe, you should seek for peace among yourselves. Help those who are in need, in spiritual need. Prepare yourself for the fight, the spiritual fight. The Lady of All Nations wishes to be brought among everyone, no matter who or what they are. This is why she received this title from her Lord and Master.”

Do not be afraid

“You, child, should not be afraid to pass on this message. I shall help you and all those who are cooperating in this. Tell your spiritual director in the name of the Lady of All Nations that he shall cooperate in the outspreading. Tell your spiritual director not to be afraid, but just to do what he is told. He shall ask to be allowed to do this: simply to bring this image with the prayer into the world.”

The promise regarding the prayer

“The Lady of All Nations hereby promises that those who ask will be heard according to the will of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This prayer has been given for the redemption of the world. This prayer has been given for the conversion of the world. Pray this prayer in all that you do. This prayer shall be spread in churches and by modern means. The people of this world shall learn to invoke the Lady of All Nations, who once was Mary, as their Advocate, that the world may be delivered from degeneration, disaster and war. Tell this to your theologians. This time is Our time. Come before this image and pray.”

And now the Lady slowly disappears.

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