February 17, 1952 by Ida Peerdeman

The Church and the Cross

The Lady is there again. She comes very close to me, and says,
“Listen carefully and tell the theologians and peoples of this world to interpret my message well and to seek to understand it. The Lord Jesus Christ came and brought the Church and the Cross as a gift from the Lord and Creator. The Church is, and will remain. The Lord and Creator desires gratitude from the creature. The Church is the community of peoples who shall adore and honor the Lord and Creator, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. All those who have been placed over the community shall see to it that the Church remains and expands.”

The time has come

“This time is Our time. The Lord and Creator deems it necessary to give the Church a warning through the Lady of All Nations. The time has come. Tell this to the theologians. The Church, Rome, is now getting its chance. All Christians of this time are responsible for their descendants.

Tell the Pope it is all right. By the will of her Lord and Master the Lady of All Nations will assist him. The Pope will carry everything through. This Pope is the fighter and the Holy Father of the Christians of today and the future. Nations hereafter will revere him. He will be taken up among Us.

The Church is, and she shall remain. Doctrine is, and it shall remain. The form and laws, however, can be changed through the intercession of the Holy Spirit. Tell this to your theologians. Christ, the Son of the Father, also brought the Cross into this world with Him. With the Cross came the Sacrifice.”

The Handmaid of the Lord

Now the Lady remains there in silence for a long time. Then she says,
“The Lord and Master chose a woman called Miriam, or Mary, from among all peoples. She would, by the will of the Father, bring the Son of Man into the world with His Church and the Cross. The Lady was the Handmaid of the Lord. She brought forth the Son of Man by the will of the Father, and thus was necessarily allied with the Church and the Cross. The Lady stands here before you in this time as the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.

Understand the following words well: the Lady of All Nations may and shall bestow Grace, Redemption and Peace upon all the peoples of this world who have recourse to her. You, however, shall all bring the Lady of All Nations throughout the entire world.”

The sign of the Lady

Now the Lady points at the globe. I see the globe rotating under her feet, and snowflakes are falling thickly everywhere. Then the Lady says,
“Did you see this? The Lady of All Nations will be brought throughout the world in the same way, from town to town, from country to country. This simple prayer will create one community.

Ask your bishop whether he would agree to have the prayer brought forth in its entirety: ‘May the Lady of All Nations, who once was Mary, be our Advocate.’ Tell your bishop that the Lady of All Nations shall help and assist him; that the spreading really must be carried out. Say that the time has not yet come; that the Lady of All Nations first has to be brought throughout the whole world. The sign of the Lady of All Nations will later on be seen throughout the entire world. Let them understand this well. False powers will fall.”

With the Cross in your hand

The Lady waits a long time again and then says,
“The Church, Rome, shall devote its attention to the peoples of this world. The sheep must be gathered into one fold.

You Christian people, each of you personally, take the Cross in hand.”

As the Lady says this, it is as if she picks up that Cross and lets it be seen.
“With that Cross in your hand you will possess the Kingdom. With that Cross in your hand you will encounter your neighbor. With that Cross in your hand you will vanquish your foe.

Thus shall the Christian people of this world feel themselves one with the Church and the Cross.

The Remembrance of the Lord Jesus Christ has to be brought among the peoples more. Bishops, you can see to this. You can have the Sacrifice celebrated in a more communal way. Understand these words well.”

Grace, Redemption and Peace

Once again the Lady pauses, and then she says,
“Christian people have been warned. All of you, place yourselves under the Cross and the Sacrifice, and the heathens will not overpower you.

I ask bishops and priests to assist this world, this humanity. I shall help them. The Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, will bring the Holy, True Spirit––if all of you ask for it. Once again I say: the Lady of All Nations can and will bring Grace, Redemption and Peace.

And now I speak to you, child. See to the outspreading. Work for this alone, and give spiritual and bodily help by saying the prayer of the Lady of All Nations. Come before this image and implore. I will, when the time has arrived, give a message about this image. Say this. Say that this image is meant for everyone.”

Now the Lady slowly goes away.

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