THE MESSAGES – 1945-1959

45TH MESSAGE – MARCH 20, 1953

March 20, 1953 by Ida Peerdeman

The time has come

I see the Lady of All Nations standing before me. She says,
“Say that the time has now come. The time is here, the time in which the world shall know that I have come here as the Lady of All Nations. I want this to be made known to the world now. Tell this to the Pope’s Sacrista. This is my message to him. You shall not fear anything. He shall read all the messages and pass them on to the Holy Father. Do not be afraid, child. You will get there. Have no fear. For I am the one bringing this message. The time has come.”

Now the Lady pauses for a long time and then says,
“53, that is the year of the Lady of All Nations.”

The daily Miracle

Now the Lady gazes before herself for a long time, and then she says,
“Before the Lord Jesus Christ returned to the Father, before the Sacrifice of the Cross began, the Lord Jesus Christ gave a daily Miracle to the peoples of the whole world.”
Now the Lady casts a searching glance over the globe and says very slowly and questioningly,
“How many are there …”
––and she pauses for a moment––
“who experience this great Miracle? They pass this great Miracle by. The daily Sacrifice must come again into the midst of this degenerate world.”

Pope Pius XII

Then it is as if the Lady is gazing into the distance, and she says,
“And now I speak to the Holy Father.”

Now I see Pope Pius XII before me in a room with a lot of papers around him. The Lady says,
“You have done a lot. Now the Lady of All Nations asks you once again to carry out everything that still needs to be done. He knows what I mean. The Holy Father shall prepare the Marian dogma of the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. She will assist in this.”

The predictions of the Lady

The Lady waits again for a long time, gazing into the distance. Then she says,
“In order to prove that I am the Lady of All Nations, I said: great powers will fall; politico-economic struggle will arise; watch out for the false prophets; pay attention to the meteors; there will be disasters; there will be natural disasters; we are facing great decisions; we are facing heavy pressure.”

True peace

Now the Lady gazes before herself as if into a depth. Then she says very slowly and clearly,

Nations of Europe, unite! It is the Lady of All Nations who is calling this out to you. Not to defeat your enemy, but to win over your enemy. Just as you should be united politically, so must you be united in the true Holy Spirit. Heavy pressure is hanging over the world. Your enemy is lying in wait. Church of Rome, seize your opportunity. It is modern humanism, realism, socialism and communism which have the world in their grip.”

I then see the world with all those groups of people on it, and, so to speak, an enormous hand clasping it. The Lady says, “Listen to the Lady, who wants to be your Mother. Pray, nations, that your sacrifice may find favor with the Lord. Pray, nations, that the true Holy Spirit may come. Pray, nations, that the Lady of All Nations may be your Advocate.”

Then the Lady says very slowly and clearly,
“And now the Lady of All Nations promises to grant true peace. But the nations, together with the Church––understand well––together with the Church, will have to pray my prayer in this year. Tell this to the Sacrista. Say that the time has now come. Great world events are still to come.”

The new church. The altars

Now the Lady pauses and it is as if she is changing her place. Then she says,
“Now follow me where I am going.”

It is as if I am going along a road together with the Lady. We arrive at a meadow and a few trees. I see the Lady standing as in a haze above that meadow. She says,
“You see me standing here in the meadow.”

Suddenly I recognize the meadow as a familiar piece of land at the Wandelweg, near the place where we live.
“This is where the new church is going to be.”

It is as if I am entering that church with her. The Lady says,
“On the high altar the Sacrifice with the Cross, the daily Miracle.”

I now see the high altar. The Lady points at the tabernacle, which has a small crucifix on it. She says,
“At the same level, to the left, the gospel side, will be the altar of the Lady of All Nations. On the epistle side, the altar of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Notice well, at the same level as the Sacrifice.”

Now the Lady points again to the high altar, and I see the three altars adjoining on the same level, as if they were forming one large altar. Behind the side altars I see the images again, but vaguely and veiled.

Amsterdam, the place of the Sacrament

Then the Lady says,
“I have chosen the Dominican fathers for this. The donor shall place the image there. The image has to come to Amsterdam soon. I have chosen Amsterdam as the place of the Lady of All Nations. It is also the place of the Sacrament. Understand all of this well.”

Next I see a Eucharistic procession. Among the many people participating I also see priests. One of these priests is walking in front with the Blessed Sacrament. The procession is coming from the old downtown, from the Begijnhof, and going in the direction of the place the Lady showed me at the Wandelweg.

She will save the world

Then the Lady says,
“The outspreading shall go through the monasteries to all priests, to all peoples. Dominicans, be well aware of what you have in your hands.”

The Lady says the latter with emphasis.
“Your spiritual director shall see to it. Do not be afraid. It is Mary, the Lady of All Nations, who is bringing this message.”

The Lady pauses again for a moment. Then she says clearly and slowly,
“Under this title she will save the world.”

Then the Lady goes away very slowly.

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THE MESSAGES 1945-1959