THE MESSAGES – 1945-1959


October 11, 1953 by Ida Peerdeman

Degeneration, disaster and war

I see the Lady standing before me. She says,
“Mary, the Lady of All Nations, has been sent today in order once again to warn the world, the Church of Rome, and all peoples of degeneration, disaster and war. The world is living in degeneration. Disasters are yet to come. Peoples are still living in war.”

The Lady will bring peace

Then the Lady gazes before herself and says very slowly and clearly,
“The year 53, that is the year in which the Lady of All Nations must be brought into the world.”

For a long time the Lady remains silent, and then she says,
“The Lady of All Nations will be allowed to bring peace to the world. Yet she must be asked for it under this title. The Lady of All Nations will assist the Church of Rome. The Church of Rome, the community, shall invoke Mary, the Mother of the Lord Jesus Christ, under this new title, ‘The Lady of All Nations’. They shall pray my prayer against degeneration, disaster and war, and bring it among all nations. I shall help the Church of Rome, the community. The nations shall invoke me under this title.”

The Redeemer and the Coredemptrix of all nations

The Lady gazes before herself again for a long time. Then she says clearly and with emphasis,
“The Lord is the Redeemer of all nations. Mary, the Mother, was chosen from the beginning as Coredemptrix. She became Coredemptrix at the departure of the Lord Jesus Christ to the Father. She became Mediatrix and Advocate of all nations.”

The Lady pauses again for a moment and then says,
“Because Mary was destined as Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, she comes now in this time as the Lady of All Nations. Because Mary is given the title ‚Lady of All Nations’, she has come under this title to different places, to different countries.”

Destined for the world

Then the Lady gazes before herself and says,
“The Lady, who has to bring peace, came and gave her prayer in the country where Satan reigned. The Lady, who comes to bring peace, gave her words through this instrument in a country in which peace has always been desired. The Lady of All Nations is not destined for one country, for one place, but is destined for the world, the peoples.

This image, however, will go to Amsterdam, and that, at the end of 53. It will temporarily be brought to a chapel or church. Later it will be transferred to the Lady of All Nations church. My directions for this I have already given, and they are to be followed strictly. The Lady of All Nations will give a few more messages. Her time is nearly at an end.”

The crowning of Mary

Now the Lady pauses for a moment and then says very clearly and slowly,
“Then the great work begins: the crowning of Mary, the proclamation of the dogma of Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. First, however, let the Church and the nations invoke Mary under her new title and pray her prayer so that degeneration, disaster and war may be staved off from this world. If they do so, the nations of Europe will breathe a sigh of relief after 54.”

And now the Lady looks over the globe on which she is standing and says,
“Then the great worldwide task follows.”

Black and white sheep

Then the Lady looks about her, and, pointing at the sheep, she says,
“Look at my black sheep.”

I then see lots of black sheep. Separated from them I see white sheep on the opposite side. The Lady warns very seriously,
“White sheep, beware. The time is still here in which all of you can cooperate to achieve unity.”

As she says this, I see those two groups of sheep changing into two groups of people, black people and white people, standing apart from one another.

The crowning of the Mother of the Lord

Then the Lady says,
“Church of Rome, the Lady of All Nations will come only a few more times. She is still warning about the false prophets. Read carefully the messages the Lady brought you. Sacrista of the Pope, pass these messages on.”

The Lady says this with great emphasis. Now the Lady raises her forefinger as if in warning and says,
“Holy Father, you have a great task to accomplish before you are taken up among Us. The Lady tells you once again: carry through with the plans that you have worked out. See to the final dogma, the crowning of the Mother of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. In 54 you are to bring this new title among the nations. See to those countries in which the Lord Jesus Christ is being persecuted.

This can and will become a great world action, above which Mary will stand as the Lady of All Nations. I am helping; I shall be allowed to help the world and peoples through my Lord.”

Mary takes responsibility

Then her forefinger goes down, and the Lady is standing in her usual position again. She pauses for a moment and then says,
“And now I speak to your bishop: you should understand why I speak to the Holy Father and the Sacrista. This action is not for one country; this action is for all nations.”

While the Lady says this, I first see our country, the Netherlands, lying before me. The Lady then shakes her head ‘no’. Next I see the whole world before me, and on it all those nations. The Lady says,
“You, however, help in your country for the spreading of this prayer and for the spreading of these messages. Mary takes responsibility for it. You know she said that the painting is to be entrusted to the care of the Dominican Fathers. You know she said that the offerings are to be used not only for the Dominicans but for all the needs of the Church as well. Bring Mary as the Lady of All Nations into your country. The great world action will begin from there. The time has now come and it is very short. Mary is standing here as the Mother who wants to help her children. Ask and she will help you under this new title.”

Now the Lady slowly disappears.

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THE MESSAGES 1945-1959