THE MESSAGES – 1945-1959


December 3, 1953 by Ida Peerdeman

The powers of hell

As I am praying before the image, the Lady suddenly comes to life. It is as if she steps out of the painting, and then I see her as usual with an immense light around her. I hear her say, clearly and earnestly,
“Do not be afraid. It was my intention that this image still be here at the inauguration of the Marian year. After that it will go to Amsterdam.”

Now the Lady pauses for a moment, gazing before herself. Then I feel something terribly horrid coming around the Lady. She says,
“The powers of hell will break loose.”

Next it is as if I heard thunder and terrible noise about her. But then the Lady smiles and says,
“They will not, however, defeat the Lady of All Nations.”

As the Lady says these words, an immensely bright light comes all about her, such that it hurts my eyes.

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THE MESSAGES 1945-1959