February 19, 1958 by Ida Peerdeman

Prediction of the death of Pope Pius XII

Last night I again woke up with a start, because, at exactly three o’clock, I heard someone call me. I saw the light again and heard the voice of the Lady saying,
“Here I am again. The peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you. You did well. Of your own free will you chose to bring the message to your spiritual director. This obedience will bear good fruit, which you will experience in a short time. Your spiritual director knows his duty. You may be at ease.

I shall make an announcement that you may not tell anyone about, including the Sacrista and your spiritual director. When it has happened, you may tell them that the Lady told it to you at this time. The announcement is:

Listen. This Holy Father, Pope Pius XII, will be taken up among Us at the beginning of October of this year. The Lady of All Nations, the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, will lead him to eternal joy.”

I was shocked at this announcement and hardly dared to believe it. The Lady said,
“Do not be frightened, child. His successor will proclaim the dogma.”

I thanked the Lady and she said very solemnly,

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