56TH MESSAGE – MAY 31, 1959

May 31, 1959 by Ida Peerdeman

The Lady crowned in heavenly glory

It was almost three o’clock Sunday afternoon. We were all gathered in the living room. From our window I suddenly saw something happening in the air. Startled, I said to my relatives, “Look there!” as I pointed at the sky. We all went over to the window. Suddenly I saw the light, a tremendous light over the Wandelweg. I could not look into it and covered my eyes with my hands. The others did not see it and asked what was happening. I knelt down and folded my hands. Yet I was compelled to look at it. While looking at it, I thought that the sky was being torn apart. What I saw was really a tearing apart of the sky.

Then I suddenly saw the Lady in all her glory. I cannot possibly describe this overwhelming, heavenly, glorious sight. Never before had I seen her like that. I did not see the sheep, globe and Cross; I only saw the Lady, but with an immense splendor of light and glory about her. Then I suddenly had to look at her head, and I saw that now she was wearing a crown. This I had never seen before. I didn’t see a crown with diamonds or of gold, yet I knew that it was a crown, sparkling with light on all sides, more beautiful than the most beautiful diamond crown. Moreover, the Lady herself was one blaze of light. Again, it was something heavenly, glorious! I cannot explain it any better.

Do penance

Then, below this glorious scene, I saw a piece of thin, blue sky and, beneath it, the upper part of the globe. It was completely black. This gave me a terribly sad and ghastly impression. Then I saw the Lady waving her finger continuously to and fro and shaking her head––as if in disapproval and warning––at that black world. I heard,
“Do penance.”

Then I saw something very peculiar. From out of the dark, black globe I saw all sorts of human heads emerging. I saw them rising slowly upward, then their bodies, and finally I saw those people whole and entire, standing upon the round hemisphere. While looking at them, I thought: how is it possible that there are so many different races and sorts of people? As I looked on in amazement at all those people, I saw the Lady extending her hands in blessing over those people, and then she no longer looked so sad. I heard,
“Make reparation to Him.”

The Lord appears

Suddenly the Lady was gone, and in place of her I saw a Host. It was an incredibly large Host. Thus I could clearly see that it was a normal Host, one like those we see in church––a wafer. Then, in front of the Host, there appeared a large chalice. I saw that the chalice was of splendid gold. It toppled over, with the opening towards me. From the chalice, then, I saw thick streams of blood flowing forth. All of that blood fell upon the globe and streamed down from the earth; it was a very distressing sight; it made me feel quite sick, all the while streams and streams of blood. This went on for quite a while.

But suddenly all of that was transformed and everything became a brilliant, dazzling Holy Host. Such a brilliant light emanated from it that I covered my eyes with my hands. I could not look into it and feared to go blind. But inwardly I was forced to look at it. The Holy Host seemed to be like white fire. In its center there was a little opening or hollow––I cannot describe it any better. Then all of a sudden the Host seemed to burst open and I saw a floating figure emerging from it, a Person, so mighty, so majestic––forgive me, I cannot convey the majesty and might which was emanating from this figure. It was too overwhelming! I hardly dared to look. When I did look at that mighty and majestic Figure, I felt within me very strongly: it is the Lord. I felt myself so terribly small compared to that indescribable majesty. A kind of cloth was wrapped around His body––over His shoulders and then slanting down around His body. His face was shining incredibly. His feet were placed one upon the other, as you sometimes see on a crucifix. On His feet I saw a scar, from which beams of light were coming forth. His hands were a bit raised, one hand somewhat higher than the other. In His hands, too, I saw some kind of scars. From them as well, great beams of light were coming forth. I saw one Person, but all the while I kept thinking: and yet there are two. But when I looked, I saw only one. Still, it kept going through my head: and yet there are two.

Then all at once an indescribable light came from out of their midst, and in it I saw, coming forth from their midst––I cannot express it otherwise––a Dove going down to the globe as fast as an arrow. Going ahead of that dove was an indescribable light and, behind it, an enormous bunch of rays. That light was so immense that, once again, I couldn’t look into it and had to cover my eyes with my hands. My eyes were hurting from it. Again, however, I was forced to look. What glory and what power were shining forth from it all: that floating Figure, majestic, mighty, grand; and then that light with the now brightly illuminated world. Then I heard,
“Whoever eats and drinks Me acquires eternal life and receives the True Spirit.”


After I had been allowed to behold this for quite some time, the Lady came back again in all her glory, exactly as at the beginning. Now, however, I very clearly saw the difference between her glory, if I may express it this way, and the great power and majesty of the floating Figure. It was as if the Lady were standing in the shadow of the Lord––that was the feeling which came over me.

Now the Lady looked happy. She looked at me full of love, and I heard her say very softly, from afar,

And then very softly she added,
“See you in Heaven.”

This made me so sad that I could no longer repeat her last words. I began to cry, for I felt that this was her departure, for good.

Very slowly I saw the Lady go away, and then the light.

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